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Apr 26



 - 2 Dare to Dream books
 - 3 Up All Night CDs and 2 Year book editions (deluxe edition)
 - 2 One Direction wrist bands/1 Niall Horan bracelet/1 Zayn Malik bracelet
 - 5 1D shirts… sizes (L/S/S/S/M)
 - 3 iPhone cases (4G/S)
 - Magazines (about 30-40) we dont know for sure
 - 8 1D door hangers
 - 5 signed photos of 1D from their concert
 - about 42 little posters and about 37 big posters

Me and my cousin got Extras of everything, because we know that some of you Directioners might not have enought money to afford all of this, so we decided that this is the time for us to do a giveaway… this is 1000% real… NO JOKE!!! but please follow the rules…
 - Must be following me and my cousin (links at the bottom)
 - Reblog as much as you want, if you’ll reblog more then you’d get more chances of wining..
 - You can Like it, but likes dont count…

We can ship it to anywhere in the world!!! We’ll annouce the winner on May 1st…
Me and My cousin will pick only one winner because some of the stuff if hers and some is mine…
Good luck guys!

My Blog http://cuz1dgotthatonething.tumblr.com/
My cousins blog http://russiandirectionerandbelieber.tumblr.com/

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